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AtomVapes, 18+ made by vape heads for vaping rockstars.

Atom, as defined by some dude in a lab coat, is the smallest unit that characterizes the chemical elements and their isotopes. To us it means the beginning, the absolute start of creating our products, because we believe to truly make the best precision vaping instruments, we have to start from the ground up. Some of you might believe that manufacturing is the beginning of the product, but no, manufacturing is propelled by what our customers desire. So the actual start of everything we create does not start from us, but you.

We sit down with customers, vape shop owners, reviewers etc. to analyze the current market place. We listen to the pros and cons, what grinds your gears, what makes you get vapehappy, and we take this fusion of information and apply it to the entire lifecycle, all the way from conceptual design to the palm of your hands. So join us for the biggest breakthrough in vaping technology since the eGo. Get your vape on!


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